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a platform designed to showcase diverse cinematic voices and offer equal opportunities to all, regardless of financial backing.

We believe in the power of storytelling and want to provide a level playing field for emerging filmmakers.

As part of our commitment to nurturing talent, we are organizing an Online Movie Talent Contest- Keep it Short to discover and celebrate the next generation of storytellers, a competitive reality show for upcoming filmmakers to showcase their filmmaking talents through their short films 3-4 minutes, and compete with other aspiring filmmakers to win prize money, and where ‘THE AUDIENCE’ will be the judges.

This contest is a unique opportunity for the students to showcase their creativity, hone their filmmaking skills, and gain recognition on a larger and dedicated platform.

Are you ready to make a big impact in a short time? We're thrilled to announce the "Keep It Short" Movie Contest, where brevity meets brilliance! Whether you're a seasoned filmmaker or a rising star, this is your chance to showcase your storytelling prowess and captivate audiences in minutes.

Contest Highlights


Short Films (Under 5 minutes)


Exciting awards and recognition for top submissions.


Renowned industry experts eager to discover fresh talent

Submission Deadline

To be Announced

How to Participate



Craft a compelling short film within the specified time limit.


Submit your entry.


Await the announcement of winners and watch your creation shine!

Why Join "Keep It Short"?

Creativity Unleashed

Embrace the challenge of telling a powerful story in a concise format.

Global Exposure

Your work will be seen and appreciated by a diverse audience.


Win awards and gain recognition for your talent.

Submission Guidelines and Details


Tag your filmmaker friends and spread the news!
Let's make "Keep It Short" a celebration of storytelling brilliance.

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Don't miss the chance to make a lasting impression in minutes! Join the "Keep It Short" Movie Contest and let your creativity shine!